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This site was lovingly created to preserve and cherish the memories of our beautiful little angel Madeline Renee Reimer.  Miss Maddy made her debut into this world on June 6th, 2005.  We had her sweet presence for almost 8 weeks. The memory of her will be forever ingrained in our minds.  Our precious Daughter was lead home by angels on July 22nd, 2005 and is deeply missed

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And someday Miss Maddy's twin brother Luke will be reunited with her again.

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Her legacy
Madeline's Life Story  
Miss Maddy's Life Story  
     This is the story of my sweet angel Madeline Renee Reimer {Miss Maddy} 

After trying to became pregnant for some time, my husband and I were elated to find out on November 13th,2004 that we were expecting. Gods blessing's just kept coming, we discovered on November 30th that we were in fact expecting twins. We were able to see two little heartbeats, such joy.. On March 1st we heard the sweetest sound to my ears, we were having a boy and a GIRL. As soon as the doctor said a girl, I began to cry, tears of complete happiness. I was thrilled to be having a boy, for we have a 15 year old Zachary and he has been such a delight to have in our lives, so to find out we were having another boy was wonderful. I must say though when I learned I was having a precious little princess, my heart was overflowing with joy. I had big plans for my life with both these precious babies. 

I delivered the babies prematurely, I was 34 weeks pregnant. God had his unfailing hand in the delivery and birth, for the babies were healthy and strong. Luke Thomas was the first to be born, and then sweet Madeline. Luke needed oxygen, but Maddy was a fighter and so strong. Madeline never needed oxygen and left the hospital a week before Luke did.

One of my most treasured memories with my daughter was the night she came home.
Ken, my husband, went to the hospital to be with Luke and I took complete advantage of having that adorable angel all to myself. I gave her a bath and then I cradled her in my arms as we danced. I remember rocking and singing to her, I was in complete bliss. 
I enjoyed just looking at her, she had these little fragile features. Looking truly so angelic and adorable. Madeline always had her big bright eyes open,it was as if she was always taking everything in. In many pictures we have of her with her twin brother Luke, she is just peacefully and lovingly watching over him.I recall how my husband said one night, after watching me love all over Madeline, "She is going to be your best frind, I just know it." That was something I had dreamed about. I wanted our relationship to be close like my mother's and mine.  Luke came home and my whole life seemed complete. I had all my children, my husband and many loved ones, and friends, I could not ask for anything more. I enjoyed being a mommy to two babies, even the middle of the night, feedings were wonderful because I was so consumed in them. I remember thinking "God, thank you for letting me be these children's mom" I was overwhelmed with happiness of being a mom.

On July 9th Madeline started to get a runny nose and a cough, so I called and made an appointment for the following day. The next day my mom came with me to bring Miss Maddy, as we often called her, to the doctors. It was officially her first outing, so I got her all dressed up. She was wearing a pretty little white and pink dress,with a precious sweater. Madeline had these tiny little pink shoes she wore, Miss Maddy  was truly adorable. 

We went to the doctors and the doctor said "It is just a cold, let it run its course." 

The next evening I went to get her brother Luke for his feeding, when I placed him back down in the bassinet I noticed Maddy's coloring was pale. I got close and seen she was breathing, I thought, well the lights are down low, it must be the lighting. I few moments later I came back to feed her, I picked my baby up, and she was limp. Maddy was still breathing, but faintly. I ran with her upstairs to get my husband, I was frantic, every fiber of my being was letting me know something was terribly wrong. I called 911 and had to perform CPR on her. When the ambulance got there 7 minuted later, but it felt like an eternity, she was still breathing. Madeline was rushed to a nearby hospital and we were told they needed to do a spinal tap, they thought she had meningitis. Her daddy and I watched helplessly as they attempted over, and over again to get this needle into her spine, they were never able to do this. When they realized that they were not equipped to take care for her, she had to be airlifted to Chicago.

My husband and I were not allowed to fly with her. I remember them bagging her as they were getting ready to put her in the helicopter. Trembling and terrified, I watched my sweet Maddy, so tiny, so fragile, lying on this stretcher. Her daddy and I  went up to her and kissed her before they took off. 

The ride to the hospital was excruciatingly painful and difficult, Ken had to pull over one time because I getting sick. When we arrived at the hosipital, we rushed to see what was happening with Madeline. There were about 15-20 people working on her, Madeline was placed on a respirator. We were told by the doctor that Maddy had Parainfluenza {a cold} combined with MRSA, which is a bacteria that invades and destroys. This nasty bacteria aggressivly attacked Maddy's Lungs. Each day they would do an ex-ray, and each day her lungs got worse.

This painful and unbearable event, placed many wonderful people in our lives. The doctors and nurses were wonderful and caring. Doctor Kathy Webster went above and beyond any doctors duties, to be there for me and my family. We had nurses such as Pat, Mindy and, then also Pat the respitory therapist, which lovingly took care of our Maddy. I  have many memories of this time that I will hold near and dear in my heart forever.

Our pastor Gary Olson came up and Baptized her which during this time, she opened her eyes and looked at him, another memory I will cherish forever. We had Madeline on many, many different prayer chains across the country. At one time I had figured that about 3500 people had to of been saying prayers for that little angel. Even during this painful time, God still was remaining faithful and giving me Blessing's.

Our families came together and supported eachother during this horrific ordeal.
I will cherish sweet memories of my mom, sister, my mother-in-law and I singing "You are my Sunshine" to Madeline. My father and stepmom being there for us. My adoring father-in -law (Pop's) being her number one fan. Pop's would cheer her on, talk to her, kiss her feet and tell her to hold on. We would watch her oxygen levels rise at moments like these, she was fighting, she was wanting to hold on.

My husband and I never left her side for longer than a shower and a bite to eat. We would read to her, sing to he, bathe her and talk to her. I will keep these memories tucked in my heart forevermore. I am blessed to have these memories, for I would not trade these times and memories for anything. The good Lord blessed us with this time, we had her for 11 days. Madeline proved her strength and her sweet spirit during this time. I was blessed, for there were three times my sweet daughter opened her eyes and I was there to look into those big bright eyes.

On July 22nd, 2005 Miss Maddy could not fight anymore, her little body was tired.
The machines were turned off and our whole family was there with us. Ken and I held her and kissed her, knowing soon she would be gone. And my Faithful Father gave me one more blessing, my sweet angel opened her eyes and looked at her daddy and me before she took her final breath. I get emotional thinking about this time. I was blessed to be with Madeline when she held her hand out to the angels and was lead home. I find myself in AWE to imagine what my precious angel seen at that moment she opened her eyes, and who.. To think that we were surrounded and in the presence of  angels at that time, brings a goose bump or two.

If I didn't have my complete faith in where she is I don't know how I would manage. I will be reunited with that sweet soul one day, I anticipate and look forward to that day. I believe that when us mommies reunite with our babies, that the angels must be singing glorious hymms during that reunion.

I miss my daughter, and at times the heavy pain on my heart is unbearable. I am here today as a survivor, I am surviving this ordeal because of the wonderful things God has blessed me with....My faith, my husband, my children, my family, my church and my friends.  Especially my children.. I love to be there mom.. there is nothing else like it. The fact that I have her twin brother Luke is a God sent. I had to continue on in this life, for he needed me, and now I reflect back to those early days after she passed, and it was because of him and Zach that I was still able to carry on.

My heart broken and shattered but still beating.

Madeline's legacy is love, hope, faith,sweetness, beauty and peace. Even if her time was brief on this earth, I am honored to of had those special times with her. I will spend my life remembering her, and cherishing my memories. 

There is a bill being sent to legislation for {Universal Active Surveillance Testing}
The bill is named Maddy's Bill which hopefully it will become Maddy's Law.
It was an honor to have it named after my Madeline.
This will set into place a way to help prevent more infections & deaths due to MRSA.

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